Quotes from Administrators and Teachers

“More Grammies for my school!”

“Outstanding volunteers whose contributions to teachers and staff and children are immeasurable.”

“I think the program is successful as is. My staff enthusiastically agrees! The Foster Grandparent Program deserves recognition. It is a positive program that bridges school and community. Our children are the benefactors.”

"Grandma has had such a wonderful impact on our students' self-esteem. She was able to tutor each of them in their multiplication facts.  THey have now all mastered the times tables 1-12! Best of all, some of my most reluctant students have gained confidence in their own abilities.  I am so greatful to her for helping these children realize how capable they really are.  Grandma has become such an important part of our classroom family."

“Always looking for more Foster Grandparents!”

“Top Notch Program!!!”

“I absolutely love the idea of “multi-generational” within our classrooms. It is a wonderful opportunity for children who are not, for whatever reason, geographically close to their grandparents.”

“I personally enjoy having someone around who is actually older than me!”

“This will be my 5th year involved, and my Foster Grandmother has been such a positive attribute to our classroom community. It wouldn’t be the same without her!”

“We need 2 more “grammies”!!! Great job by everyone! Thanks!!!”

“Our Grams are wonderful. Not only do they contribute to children’s learning, they add warmth and caring to the climate. They are wonderful individuals, and this is an exceptional service.”

“We love having Foster Grandparents. They bring joy to our students and provide benefits that classroom teachers may not have enough time for.”

"Grandma sat with a student who is a full grade level behind and helped close the gap in literacy.  Gram used flash cards, and read grade level readers to help support him in reading.  Gram also read professional journals to better understand how children learn to read."

Quotes from Foster Grandparents

“Being a Foster Grandparent has brought me nothing but joy, and a good feeling of being able to help some of these beautiful children, in our schools. They need our help and love.”

“I have been with my teacher going on 15 years. She is like family to me and does a lot for me.”

“The program has been the best thing I could have done for myself. It is the most gratifying experience. The children are so wonderful, this has been the best decision I have ever made.”

“An excellent opportunity for seniors to keep their minds alert and knowing you are helping someone who appreciates you.

“This program has been a gift to me which I hope in a small way to be able to give something back. Coming from Massachusetts, when my husband passed away everyone assumed that I would return to my old homestead, but the children and teachers at School St. School are the greatest reason for me still being in NH.”

“The Foster Grandparent Program has brought me joy. I love children and it is a pleasure to be able to assist in their learning experience.”

What Foster Grandparents Do

Foster Grandparents serve in community settings such as schools, daycares, Head Starts, youth centers or any non-profit organization that serves children.

In schools, Foster Grandparents give one-on-one attention to students in support of their academic goals. Foster Grandparents help children learn to read, practice math skills, mentor neglected or abused children, assist children with learning disabilities, keep struggling children on task, and provide encouragement and academic or emotional support to students. Foster Grandparents serve as positive role models and are there to provide additional support to students.

In child care centers, Foster Grandparents provide caring attention to babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers, helping them with the building blocks of early learning. Foster Grandparents help children to develop skills in early literacy, language and cognitive development, and social skills. To accomplish these goals, Foster Grandparents engage in positive play, reading, modelling, and nurturing. Foster Grandparents feel like an important part of the team – without the responsibilities and pressures of a job.

If you would like to become a Foster Grandparent or be more involved with the Program, please call 1-800-536-1193 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view and we would be happy to speak with you about available opportunities.