Sarah's Story

I came to the Friends Emergency Housing Program in May of 2007. Some months earlier I had been in an abusive relationship so I came to Concord to the Battered Womens shelter. When I was no longer at risk, I went to the Friends Emergency Housing Program. At first I hated it. I felt like there were too many rules and things I need to do. But in the end, I realized the rules are there for a reason; to get people on their feet and get them out of the rut that brought them there in the first place.

I was there for two months, then I was chosen for the transitional program they have. And now, for the first time in my life I live alone with my kids. I have a job and I pay my own way. I don’t depend on a man, my parents or the system. And I feel good about myself. My life is finally on track after so long of being a mess and I owe it all to the Friends Emergency Housing Program.

Sarah, age 32
2007 Emergency Housing Resident