What Foster Grandparents Do

What Foster Grandparents Do

Foster Grandparents serve in community settings such as schools, daycares, Head Starts, youth centers or any non-profit organization that serves children.

In schools, Foster Grandparents give one-on-one attention to students in support of their academic goals. Foster Grandparents help children learn to read, practice math skills, mentor neglected or abused children, assist children with learning disabilities, keep struggling children on task, and provide encouragement and academic or emotional support to students. Foster Grandparents serve as positive role models and are there to provide additional support to students.

In child care centers, Foster Grandparents provide caring attention to babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers, helping them with the building blocks of early learning. Foster Grandparents help children to develop skills in early literacy, language and cognitive development, and social skills. To accomplish these goals, Foster Grandparents engage in positive play, reading, modelling, and nurturing. Foster Grandparents feel like an important part of the team – without the responsibilities and pressures of a job.

If you would like to become a Foster Grandparent or be more involved with the Program, please call 603-228-0141or email us and we would be happy to speak with you about available opportunities.


The Foster Grandparent Program-In a Nutshell    nutshell


WHO is the ideal Foster Grandparent Volunteer?

  • Adults age 55 and older
  • Adults who enjoy working with children
  • Adults on a fixed income who would like to earn additional non-taxable income of $180-420 a month without affecting other benefits.
  • Adults who would like to get out of the house and make a difference by helping children in educational settings
  • Call 603-228-0141 to find out more!

WHAT are the benefits of being a Foster Grandparent Volunteer?

  • Earn a non-taxable hourly stipend if you meet income eligibility requirements
  • Mileage reimbursement of $ .585 per mile to and from your volunteer site
  • Earned time off (vacation, sick days, paid holidays AND snow days)
  • Meal reimbursement of $5 per meal
  • Monthly educational in-service training (you get paid to attend) and MORE

WHY should I become a Foster Grandparent Volunteer?

  • Earn additional non-taxable income that won’t affect your other benefits while:
    • Helping a child improve their reading, math, social, cognitive skills plus much more
    • Getting out of the house
    • Meeting new people
    • Socializing and improving your mental and physical health
    • Making a difference for the next generation

WHERE and WHEN do I Volunteer?

  • Non-profit pre-schools
  • Head Start Centers
  • Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools
  • After School Programs


HOW do I apply?

  • Complete a Candidate Information Form (call 603-228-0141 to get one) that includes:
    • background information check
    • two personal references
    • wellness certification
    • income eligibility form