Young Artists (July 2019)

Sisters Soniya Suvana with Segun Sisters Soniya Suvana

Segun Olorunfemi is a Professional Teaching Artist originally from Nigeria and is now based in New Hampshire. He spent five days with young mentees and their mentors, along with staff members of the Friends Program, to lead them in creating sand art. Students worked collectively to brainstorm content ideas of activities they have done, or would like to do, with their mentors and eventually named the final piece Superb Summer. Colorful outdoor scenes filled with sunshine and outdoor adventures prevail. The large scale piece will be hung in the Friends Program office in Concord. The children also created individual pieces to take home. This artist residency was generously sponsored by the Rite Aid Foundation and directly benefitted the children in our youth mentoring program. We offer additional thanks to New Hampshire Technical Institute and Kimball Jenkins Art School for their generosity in sharing space to support the project. 

Those who participated to the artwork are as follows:

Aayusha K.
Alyssa S.
Ashley H.
Ayushma D.Ballay C.
Bella M.
Biswas D.
Clementine M.
Erin Reale
Felleh C.
Hekima M.
Jen Curtis
Jose Y.
Judith Kumin
Katherine Woodman-Maynard
Kushang S.
Lily Wellington
McColl Hazen
Meg Donohue
Melina Murray
Mickey Russo
Mike Hvizda
Millie LaFontaine
Nancy Paul
Pratiksha G.
Renee Garza
Ruth Christino
Sandra Silva
Sandy Quint
Sangabo S.
Segun Olorunfemi
Shukurani M.
Smarika D.
Soniya R.
Spencer Bardwell
Stuti K.
Suvana R.
Terri Smith
Thierry N.
Willow W.