Mom & 2 children secure permanent housing (July 2019)

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Emma and her family to celebrate their success story ...

Emma and her two children came to our program in January of 2019. She arrived leaving a world of turmoil and anxiety behind, looking to create a healthy future for her and her children. She relentlessly worked her way through the balancing act of our shelter expectations, with work, with single parentage, with fender benders and auto repairs—not to mention all the other aspects of her life. Emma navigated her case with can-do candor and with routine precision which was a recipe for success.

Emma was able to make great professional strides during her stay. She had come to us as a substitute teacher seeking advancement and before the end of the school year her hard work and dedication had landed her a full time position as a paraprofessional educator. This promotion enabled her to save and get into a market rate apartment this summer. Emma kept on track of budgeting goals and will be leaving with rock-solid financial stability. We are so proud of Emma and wish her the brightest of futures as she continues making other’s futures bright in her capacity as an educator.

2019 07 25 Emma Green family min