Youth Mentoring Art Projects (July 2019)

Thanks to a grant from The Rite Aid Foundation, we are able to offer our youth mentoring program participants two art projects geared towards helping the children, with the support of their mentors and professional artists, learn new hands-on and problem solving skills while building self-esteem, social competencies, and cultural awareness.

The first was a quilting project (pictured) with award-winning textile/fiber artist Tracy Szanto, owner of Dreamland Machine Quilting, LLC., who worked with us from concept/design stages through application of varying techniques to bring the creative piece to fruition. The quilt includes many special touches and whimsical contributions, including voting to name the finished piece “Joy Valley”.

The second, which is happening soon, is a sand painting and printmaking project with expert artist, Segun Olorunfemi (whose pieces will be on exhibit starting July 18th at ARGH Gallery in Manchester). We look forward to highlighting stories and learning about cross-cultural concepts and traditions through illustrated works.

Children enjoy these enriching learning experiences by creatively and constructively expressing themselves outside of the formal classroom setting during non-school hours. Our collective gratitude goes out to each of these New Hampshire artists who share decades of experience in their respective art forms and in teaching children. The final pieces will be on display in specially selected locations at the Friends Program office for all to enjoy following a public opening.

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