Birthday Celebrations at Family Shelter (March 2019)

2019 06 06 EH cake 5 years old donor min

The special gift of a birthday wish & celebration has personal meaning for Linda Skaggs and immeasurable delight for ALL the children at our residence for families transitioning from homelessness. For over a decade, Linda brings a birthday cake personalized for EVERY child with their name, choice of theme and color (along with ice cream too). 

Based on her own fond memories, Linda is passionate about how important birthdays are for children and makes sure that - regardless of the crisis that homelessness brings to a family - the recognition of a child’s special day should always be celebrated. This generosity is an invaluable step toward returning smiles, creating family moments, and making children feel special.

We deeply appreciate Linda for all her years of thoughtful giving to something so important … our children.  And we would be remiss to close without expressing our gratitude for Linda's expanded relationship with the Friends Program to include volunteering in our Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP).

2019 06 06 EH cake 5 years old happy min  2019 06 06 EH cake 5 years old celebration  2019 06 06 EH cake 5 years old min