Wells Fargo Business Sponsorship (May 2018)

The Friends Program announced today it was awarded a $5,000 grant from Wells Fargo. Funding from Wells Fargo will help support our efforts to serve the immediate needs of more than 4,000 at-risk children, homeless families, and low-income seniors annually by connecting active volunteers to those in need in their communities to make a difference.  The Friends Program restores hope for some of the state’s most vulnerable residents through a variety of programming. 

“This support from Wells Fargo makes it possible for the Friends Program and our volunteers to solve problems right here, supporting children, families and seniors in New Hampshire as they work to transform their lives,” said the Friends Program’s Executive Director Nancy Paul.

Through its charitable giving programs, Wells Fargo embraces its responsibility to be a leading corporate citizen and the opportunity to create more resilient, sustainable communities through its operations and actions. Wells Fargo focuses its giving on community development, health and human services and educational programs that create lasting change and address the challenges facing the cities and towns where its customers and team members live and work.

“Wells Fargo has a rich history of community support in New Hampshire and we have personal connections to the people in our communities – many of whom we proudly call our customers,” said Matthew Lessard, financial advisor with Wells Fargo Advisors. “Friends Program provides critical services to so many of New Hampshire’s most vulnerable citizens and through these programs, helps them achieve success, access much needed basic items and thrive in many ways.”

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