April Business Sponsors Thank You (April 2018)

The Friends Program would like to thank Merrimack County Savings Bank for being the 2018 Lead Sponsor for the Friends Program.  

"Merrimack County Savings Bank has been privileged to support the Friends Program over many years, and we'll continue to advocate for the very important work they do. The Friends Program has been an exceptional resource for our community, as they create meaningful opportunities for seniors, children and at-risk youth.The Bank was founded on the principle of service to others, and we gladly stand behind the Friends Program, who have served as a wonderful example for us all."
Philip Emma
President Merrimack County Savings Bank
MCSB MillRiver stacked 4C
We would also like to thank Keystone Management Co., Inc. for being a 2018 Program Sponsor for the Emergency Housing Program.  

"Keystone Management is proud to sponsor the Emergency Housing Program to help families, and especially children, find a safe and warm temporary home.  Moreover as the Friends Program provides training and life skills coaching to parents, you are able help these families find a more successful future through new job opportunities and financial independence. 
As children are involved, the work you do is incredibly meaningful and valuable.  Keystone Management is proud to be a part of the Friends Emergency Housing mission of strengthening our community."
Myles Tarbell
Vice President Keystone Management Company